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Recently my wife and I learned that after 25 years of living in North East Wisconsin, we will be relocating to Zurich, Switzerland. This is going to be a big change in a lot of ways. We were lucky and blessed to be able to raise our two children in the same house from the day the first one was born until the last one went off to college. Wisconsin has been a wonderful place to raise our family.

I am hoping this blog will serve two purposes. The first will be as a catharsis for me. I am going to write about the struggles as we move and settle in to live in Switzerland. I will also write of the adventures we have since we hope to be able to take most of our vacations and travel to different places in Europe. The second purpose is educate. Having spent 16 years helping educate students in Wisconsin, I want to learn a lot of the Swiss education system. I hope to share that knowledge with people back in the US, and hopefully share my knowledge of the US system with educators in Switzerland.

Thanks for joining my journey. I hope you find it as entertaining and educational as I know I will.

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First Berg Cliff Walk

The First is one of the minor mountains around Grindelwald. It is a very popular hiking destination in the summer. The winter months it is filled with skiiers! The mountain is only 7,106 feet above sea level. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is almost 4000 feet higher than the city proper. :).

26 Juni.2020

Today is the last day of our Alps vacation. It has been a fascinating week. We have spent a lot of time hiking. We took the train down the mountains to Interlaken, and took an afternoon cruise on Thunersee (Lake Thun). I hope the week was relaxing for Julie. Other than the week we went … Continue reading 26 Juni.2020

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